Fencing is an important step in ensuring a property’s safety and security. It also increases the curb appeal of the property, defines the boundary on one’s land, and also provides a controlled environment for children and pets.

Investing in good fencing around your property is never a bad idea, since with proper care and maintenance it is going to stay a lifetime. It is also important that you get installed from trusted vendors because an investment like this not going to be made every day. BV Industries is a leading name in providing fences services in San Francisco. We are a locally owned customer-oriented company that is providing fencing and related services for 30 years continuously. It is only because of our customer’s faith that makes us the best fences services in San Francisco. Our core philosophy is “customer comes first” which laid its foundation on the fact that we aim to develop a professional relationship with our clients regardless of the volume of the project.

Tips to make your fencing last longer

  • Paint it on regular intervals: Metal fencing made up of wrought iron, steel, and cast iron requires regular painting. As these are ferrous metals that start rusting in the presence of air and moisture.
  • Remove any vegetation around your fencing: If there is any unintended vegetation around your fencing, remove it at regular intervals. As the fence might retain moisture from it and may start rusting.
  • Look for any damage: It is a good idea to look for any small damages in the fencing and get it fixed o time. Before, it gets big and damages the whole fencing.
  • Wash it properly: Regular washing and maintenance can extend the lifespan of the fence. By removing corrosive elements, such as salt or bird droppings, the fence’s materials are less likely to degrade or suffer from premature wear and tear.
  • Grease the hinges: Greasing the gate hinges reduces friction which reduces the friction between the surfaces. This is a great way to increase the lifespan of the fence.
  • Call Professionals in case of greater damage: If the damage is out of your range, it is advisable to ask for professional expertise. At BV Industries, we have trained staff to fix all types of damages to the fences at affordable price points.

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